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Finding your balance, within nature
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In these radically changing times, we are all required to balance the demands of the modern world and its relationships. By developing the skills and culture needed, we can all find and maintain equilibrium, relearning to balance the demands of life and work.


Sometimes, especially during times of change and transition We help to develop our personal and organisational resilience. At equinox, through coaching and training experiences, we create a culture of work-life balance based on self-care and positive relationships.

By getting away from your screen, Taking in nature to reflect, dream and listen to our own voice, we can reconnect to our own inner guide to this balanced place. 

Fog and Nature

I offer :

  • 1:1 Personal walk and talk outdoor Coaching sessions


  • Group experiences in Dublin's beautiful natural parks


  • Solutions for organisations  


I had some coaching with joseph earlier this year. Super valuable in seeing what's actually in your way, naming it, looking at it, starting to move it. Has to be in that order. It felt like doing the groundwork and the 'why' stuff, without which - at least for me - the 'what' / direction becomes a bit flimsy and I'm not sure it lasts long. Sessions were challenging, productively uncomfortable (in fairness I asked for him to push me because I can massively talk my way away from stuff..!) and always generous, he's actually very lovely! I found it useful then I'm finding what we covered useful now. Thanks✨ 💛

Polly S

I wish Joseph all the best with his new endeavour and his launch of the  In-bodiment group coaching services. I had worked with Joseph previously on 1:1 Sessions. Joseph is supportive, focused, encouraging and very patient. He has the ability to get you to look at situations in a different light and find your own clarity. 

I welcomed the opportunity to be part of the first In-bodiment group. The group consisted of a variety of career backgrounds and cultures. Its principles were acceptance and non-judgement.  I found the group was very honest and supportive of one another and it offered me the opportunity to see myself in others situations. The group dynamic was enlightening and how the power of compassionate listening can give such support. 

Mairead H.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Joseph during several coaching sessions.
Joseph helped me to set very clear business goals and narrow down my focus. Although my initial goal was business orientated I have also applied my aha moments to other parts of my life very successfully. Because of his practical approach, sessions flowed very naturally. And although he asked seriously hard questions, the environment he created during our sessions allowed me to feel safe and answer them in a vulnerable and straightforward way."

"Joseph's workshop was clear, engaging, and impactful. Since holding the session, our team has integrated the wellness techniques he shared into their working day. I highly recommend Joseph to any organization or group that wants to invest in employee wellness."

Liam Murphy, Director Wachsman

Renske E

Winding Roads

Between every two pines, there is a doorway

to a new world.

-John Muir-

About Joseph...

I love having conversations that provide solutions and being out in nature. So I began to offer my coaching services whilst moving out in nature, my people love it, I love it, that's why I do it. 

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