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Driven by the Chief of Wellness, Joseph has a proven history of delivering well-being, with over a decade in the industry providing effective 1:1 consultation and treatment alongside delivering education and facilitating groups. 


He combines his professional qualifications, in Health Science, Neuromuscular Therapy, Coaching with Neuroscience, Training delivery and evaluation.  

With the experience of working within a range of businesses, from tech to healthcare,  supporting elite athletes to improve and maintain their performance over a season.


His career spans working across 4 countries on 3 continents, each with very different industries and organizations. This experience has allowed him to develop the competency to work effectively with groups of people from diverse backgrounds.


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I had some coaching with joseph earlier this year. Super valuable in seeing what's actually in your way, naming it, looking at it, starting to move it. Has to be in that order. It felt like doing the groundwork and the 'why' stuff, without which - at least for me - the 'what' / direction becomes a bit flimsy and I'm not sure it lasts long. Sessions were challenging, productively uncomfortable (in fairness I asked for him to push me because I can massively talk my way away from stuff..!) and always generous, he's actually very lovely! I found it useful then I'm finding what we covered useful now. Thanks✨ 💛