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Equinox Coaching

We develop organizational resilience and productivity, by creating a culture of well-being and work-life balance

1:1 coaching

1:1 Coaching sessions are highly effective at giving you the chance to focus on what's going to deliver real, lasting positive changes in your life and career. 

By giving you a chance to pause, take stock of where you want to go and discovering strategies that support you through transition.


Get comfortable at home with using basic strength and stretch exercises to stay healthy 

  • Progress from seated to a standing desk 

  • Typically, 1.5 hrs  allowing the deepening of practical knowledge 

  • basic home workout kit required 

  • 30 participants max


Bespoke presentation style training looking at :

    • Well-being in the home workplace 

    • Effective & Comfortable workstation design at home

  • Available for up to 100 participants via zoom 

  • 45 mins time slot Perfect for a fun and informative lunch & learn

Facilitator training

Allow your participants to develop their skills to host group check-in style meetings. 

  •  Individuals as well-being representatives 

  • Teams of in house well-being group facilitators.

Please connect, and we can discuss how a tailored solution of our services, can best fit your personal and organizational requirements.